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The Manocha house style entails a supple silhouette with an optimal structure. A softly sculpted shoulder complements a defining nip at the waist. A high armhole without much drape at chest further accentuates the garment's contemporary feel. While some are about deconstruction, we are all about construction, without the need to overdo it. 


Each piece is reminiscent of Joanne Entwistle's notion of clothing as a situated bodily practice. Hence, our process begins with a candid consultation to fully understand your form and movement. 




We take detailed measurements for comprehension of your posture and fit. You then choose the fabrics, buttons, linings and so forth. If you have a vision of your garment, well and good. If not, we collaborate on bringing that to life. Each article of clothing is a confluence of your idiosyncrasies, requirements and our expertise. 


Pattern is drafted to individual specification

Hand-sewn canvas (half or full)


Superlative fit and construction

Greatest chance of ensuring sound figuration and

unique sartorial demands

Unparalleled longevity 

Maximum amount of hand work

Baste Fitting



Pattern is drafted to individual specification

Machine sewn canvas (half or full)

Good fit and fine construction

Enough room for creativity 

Considerable hand work

Sailor Trousers

Contemporary Couture

For the most idiosyncratic creations,

where bench made techniques meet conceptual prowess

Padstitching a collar


Pattern is drafted off a size specific block, and then adjusted

Machine sewn canvas (half or full)

Sound fit and construction

Durability ensured

Minimal handwork

A Tail Cat
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